• Testing Coordinator

    My name is Becky Perez and I'm the campus coordinator for testing. The 2018-2019 school year marks my 20th year in WFISD and my 5th year in assessment. I handle the STAAR, STAAR ALT, and TELPAS assessments. I also help oversee the PSAT and AP testing on campus. I help administer the on site ACT exam as well. If you ever have any questions about any of these tests, come see me in my office on the 2nd floor in the Testing Office. In addition to these responsibilities, I handle student lunch passes, CEC travel passes, student parking and serve as the campus Impact Aid Liaison.  

    Feel free to look through the calendar and make note of any dates that may pertain to you or your student. It does change, a lot, so please check back or give me a call. I hope this site is helpful and informative. You can also sign up for Remind texts from the testing office to help you stay informed. Sometime a short text is the best way to update everyone and provide a quick link of info. 

    You can also follow my Twitter account @WFHS_Testing for quick updates on campus and testing tips! Thanks for stopping by! 

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    Testing Coordinator

    Becky Perez


    940.235.1084 ext. 32049