• Drug Dogs

    Purpose of Drug Dogs

    WFISD has contracted with Kontraband Interdiction and Detection Services, (K.I.D.S., Inc.), to bring specially trained non-aggressive canines onto your school campus to deter students from bringing contraband substances to school. The main purpose of this program is to deter students from bringing illegal substances to school however, it also serves a minimally invasive way of keeping our students and staff safe. The dogs will help us locate and remove contraband, including possible weapons, from the campus.

    What are they looking for?


    ILLICIT DRUGS: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, opium

    ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: wine, beer, whiskey, etc. in open or closed containers

    GUNPOWDER BASED ITEMS: ammunition, guns, fireworks

    PRESCRIPTION MEDS: Canines are NOT trained to detect over the counter (OTC) or prescription meds. However they may react to some prescription pain meds that contain common opiates.

    RESIDUAL ODOR: Substances above do NOT have to be present for the canine to detect the odor of a previous contact or spilled item.

    How does the search work?

    During random campus visits, the dogs will sniff the air around lockers, gym areas, restrooms, vehicles, vacated classrooms and school grounds as they search for potential contraband items. Before a classroom is checked, students will be asked to exit the classroom (for 5 to 8 minutes) while school personnel accompany the canine team. With an administrator or teacher present, the canine team will sniff the interior of the room including the air around any belongings left behind. This includes backpacks, purses etc. K.I.D.S. Inc. policy precludes the use of their dogs sniffing any student, employee, visitor or anyone else while on district property or at any district event. All of K.I.D.S. Inc. canines are friendly and non-aggressive. The dogs are trained to sit when they detect the odor of any of the substances listed above.

    Campus Procedures:

    Prior to the random campus visit, the school will send home a notification letter to parents/students. The district will also alert parents with a Parentlink message to inform them that K.I.D.S., Inc. canines will be on campus this semester.

    K.I.D.S will notify Bill Horton the day of the search. They will randomly select a campus(es).

    • Bill Horton will notify each campus prior to arrival
    He will call the primary contact
    He will also call the secondary contact
    • A campus administrator will make a PA announcement to staff by reading the following message.
    ‘Drug dogs are on now campus. At this time, classes will remain in place until further notice.' Students should remain seated and no passes will be given to leave the classroom during this time. Class lessons will proceed as usual. If a medical emergency occurs, teachers should use your call button or cell phones to contact the office. We will notify the campus when the search is over.
    All other announcements will be postponed (including TV announcements) until after the campus search is completed.
    • Campus administrators will give K.I.D.S a list of 10 classrooms that need to be searched or areas they would like searched.
    • This is the procedures for classroom searches if your room is chosen:
    Students will be asked to leave all personal belongings in the classroom and move to the hallway. Clothing such as full zip jackets should be left in student’s classroom and other clothing that has to be removed over the head may remain in place. Teachers should announce “Students at this time, please step out into the hallway and leave all your belongings including coats and jackets at your desk”. If a student voluntarily removes a “hoodie” he/she may leave that at their desk, too.
    Students must be monitored closely in the hallway while the classroom search is conducted by a K.I.D.S. staff member and dog, school administrator, and district law enforcement.
    The teacher will remain in the classroom to help identify student belongings.
    If an alert is made on a particular item, the student who owns it will be discreetly escorted to the office for further search. Staff and students will be reminded that this is a privacy issue and no discussion will be allowed regarding a specific student.
    Teachers will remain passive in the classroom during the search and they will only be consulted when an alert is made.
    Teachers should not direct the dog handler to search any specific spot.
    After a classroom search is complete, the class can return to normal activities, however, students must remain in the classroom.
    If a medical emergency occurs, teachers should use their call button/cell phones during this time to contact the office.
    Teachers should watch students for suspicious behavior. During this time all cell phone use is prohibited.

    • This is the procedures for a non-searched classroom:
    Class continues as usual.
    If students were in a group activity, they should be instructed to return to their seats/desks.
    No student is allowed to leave the classroom for any reason. If they are needed in the office (i.e. to leave for a doctor appointment), the student will be escorted to the office by a staff member.
    Students should remain in their seats. Do not allow them to sharpen pencils, retrieve binders/books, etc. during this time. The main objective is to keep students in possession of their belongings throughout the search.
    If a medical emergency arises, teachers should use their call button/cell phones during this time to contact the office.
    Teachers should watch students for suspicious behavior. During this time all cell phone use is prohibited.

    • These PE/Athletic procedures will be followed during campus searches:
    School administrator will notify coaches by calling their cell phone. The cell phone calls will be placed after the PA announcement to make sure notification was received.
    If students are located inside the building or in the gymnasiums, students should be instructed to stay in gym area and have class as usual. If students are outside on the track, practice fields, stadium, tennis courts they should also continue as usual. If the search is still being conducted upon their return to the building, coaches should follow outlined procedures.
    Coaching staff should restrict access to restrooms, sinks, showers, and trash bins during this time.
    Teachers should watch for suspicious behavior, during this time all cell phone use is prohibited.
    Teachers, please note that staff members’ possessions are subject to the search as well as students. WFISD schools are in a drug free zone. Please refer to policy, DH Legal and Local http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Code/1228?filter=DH , DHE Legal and Local http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Code/1228?filter=DHE , and exhibit DI http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Code/1228?filter=DI . The policies are currently under review and may be revised.