Drug Dogs

  • Purpose of Drug Dogs

    WFISD has contracted with Kontraband Interdiction and Detection Services, (K.I.D.S., Inc.), to bring specially trained non-aggressive canines onto your school campus to deter students from bringing contraband substances to school. The main purpose of this program is to deter students from bringing illegal substances to school however, it also serves a minimally invasive way of keeping our students and staff safe. The dogs will help us locate and remove contraband, including possible weapons, from the campus.

    What are they looking for?


    ILLICIT DRUGS: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, opium 

    ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: wine, beer, whiskey, etc. in open or closed containers

    GUNPOWDER BASED ITEMS: ammunition, guns, fireworks

    PRESCRIPTION MEDS: Canines are NOT trained to detect over the counter (OTC) or prescription meds. However they may react to some prescription pain meds that contain common opiates.

    RESIDUAL ODOR: Substances above do NOT have to be present for the canine to detect the odor of a previous contact or spilled item.

    How does the search work?

    During random campus visits, the dogs will sniff the air around lockers, gym areas, restrooms, vehicles, vacated classrooms and school grounds as they search for potential contraband items. Before a classroom is checked, students will be asked to exit the classroom (for 5 to 8 minutes) while school personnel accompany the canine team. With an administrator or teacher present, the canine team will sniff the interior of the room including the air around any belongings left behind. This includes backpacks, purses etc. K.I.D.S. Inc. policy precludes the use of their dogs sniffing any student, employee, visitor or anyone else while on district property or at any district event. All of K.I.D.S. Inc. canines are friendly and non-aggressive. The dogs are trained to sit when they detect the odor of any of the substances listed above.