Cell Phone/Devices Policy

  • Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy for WFHS

    Students are allowed to use their electronic devices in common areas and during transition times throughout the school day. Students are allowed to listen to music using the one in/one out earbud practice.  Large “ear cans” or headphones will be prohibited. The one in/one out earbud practice is designed for safety allowing the student to still be able to hear directions from teachers or other staff members. At any point that sound from an electronic device is heard, the student will be asked to lower the volume and may run the risk of the device being confiscated.

    Students are restricted at all times within the building and on campus from using any recording feature to include the phone/device camera or video camera unless approved by a supervising teacher.

    In accordance with the new WFISD 1:1 Technology Initiative, students will be using a WFISD Chromebook or permissible device as part of the WFISD BYOD plan. If a student chooses to use a device other than a WFISD Chromebook, the device must be approved by WFHS administration and have a screen of at least 9”. Cell phones WILL NOT be used in the classroom by students. Students who do not follow the teacher’s instructional plan for the day, i.e., have their cell phone or electronic device out will have it confiscated by the teacher and handed to administration. If any device is confiscated and turned in to administration there will be a $15 fee associated with the return of the device. Students/parents who do not wish to pay the $15 fee may request to stay outside of the school day under a staff member’s supervision for a cumulative two hours. This time may be spent by assisting a staff member, attend tutorials, or complete missing work.  All devices may be returned at the end of the day upon payment or AFTER the two hours have been completed by the student.

    Administrators may require students to put away cell phones or other electronic devices at any given time while on campus, including the hallways and common areas.

    Student use of cell phone or other electronic devices is a privilege, not a right.  Any student who violates the district’s cell phone and electronic device limitations may face restrictions and disciplinary consequences.

    Cell Phone Discipline Procedure:

    1st time – Teacher Warning

    2nd time – Teacher picks up phone and returns at end of class with no questions

    • If student refuses, an administrator will be contacted.

    3rd time – Teacher picks up and turns into office (Mrs.Crowley) using the Phone Confiscation Form.

    • Student will be given the opportunity to pay $15 or complete 2 hours of service outside the school day. It is the student’s responsibility to find a staff member willing to oversee their two hours of service time.