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Long Range Facility Planning

  • WFISD is in the process of analyzing district facilities and developing long-range facility plans. A group of community members has been selected based on board and district nominations. These community members will serve as the liaisons between the community and the district. Their charge is to listen to other community members, analyze district facility information and develop facility options for the Board of Trustees to consider. The group will be split into two separate working groups - an elementary group and a secondary group. 

    The elementary group will consider options for elementary schools - consolidation, additions, renovations, new construction, etc. 

    The secondary group will: 1.) develop options for a 1-high school model with options on grade configuration and will also consider options for the remaining secondary facilities. 2.) develop options for a 2-high school model with options for locations and two middle schools feeding into each high school. High schools must be economically and ethnically similar.