Community Feedback

  • With the upcoming merger of high schools, the WFISD Attendance Zone Committee has been developing attendance zone options designed to provide equal opportunities for all students. The committee has created preliminary designs that they would like to share with the community in order to receive feedback.

    The goal of the Attendance Zone Committee is to:

    • Make attendance zones equitable in all sub-populations
    • Allow for growth
    • Determine placement of the International Baccalaureate program
    • Allow for 1,900 students per campus

    Data used in the charts below is student information from current 6th-9th students. 

Option A

  • option a

Option A Demographics

Option A - numbers are based on current 6th-9th grade student data

Option B

  • option b

Option B Demographics

Option C

  • option c

Option C Demographics

Mileage Comparison