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    Hello ! Welcome to Mr. Nichols  page

    Name: Cliff  Nichols
    Room: F110
    Email Address:
    Phone number: 940-235-1118
    Subjects:  7 Writing , Advanced Writing and Mankind Cultures
    Schedule:  1st     7:45-8:30         7 Writing
                       2nd   8:34-9:19         PAP  Writing
                       3rd    9:23-10:08       7 Writing 
                       4th   10:12-11:05      7 Writing
                       5th   11:10-12:32      Mankind Cultures
                       6th   12:37-1:22        Conference
                       7th   1:26-2:11          7 Writing
                       8th   2:15-3:00          7 Writing 

    Tutoring days

    *M, W 3:00 to 3:30 p.m.
    *T, R 7:15-7:35 a.m.  

    *I ask that the student tells me the day before or prior to attending, what skills they need assistance with and which day they would like to attend, prior to attending to assure that we both will be able to attend.   

     Grading Policy
     7 & PAP Writing:    70% Daily Work + 30% Test  
    Mankind Cultures:  60% Daily Work + 40% Test 
    Late work will be graded in the following manner:
    •    100% of the grade if turned in on time
    •    10 points off grade if turned in one day late
    •    5 points off grade each day turned in late until the following Friday
    •    Grade of 0 if turned in after the following Friday deadline 



          Welcome to our classroom site.  I teach 7th Grade Writing and Mankind Cultures.  I have  high expectations for our students.  We adjust to our students skills to meet peak performance in learning and give our students

    every appropriate opportunity for their academic success.    In Mankind Cultures we will discover and explore other
    cultures currently around the world and in our ancient past.   

          In writing classes we will focus on  Personal Narrative and Expository types of writing.   


         Parents, we continue to change and adjust to the students learning along with this our lesson plans

    change often.  I believe that the student is ultimately responsible for their personal behavior,

    academic performance and life choices.   

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