• WFISD Foundation

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    Our Mission
    This mission of the Wichita Falls ISD Foundation, Inc., an independent, no profit corporation, is to promote quality education by establishing, supporting and enhancing programs not otherwise funded by Wichita Falls ISD or the state.
    Our Vision 
    The vision is to support enhanced educational opportunities for the students of the Wichita Falls Independent School District so the district may continue to be a leader and innovator in public education.
    The WFISD does a very good job of providing a quality education and basic needs to our students. Unfortunately, the education needs of our students continue to grow while the funding for Texas school districts dwindles. Wonderful innovative ideas and projects often go unfunded due to the lack of resources available within the district. The foundation is committed to directly impacting and expanding the educational opportunities for WFISD students. 
    The Wichita Falls ISD Foundation is a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization designed to support the Wichita Falls ISD students and teachers through grants and scholarships.  
    2016-2017 Board of Directors
    President - Lance Spruiell
    Vice President - Pam Featherston
    Secretary - Shawn Butler
    Treasurer - Al Flack
    Gregg Anderson
    Denny Bishop
    Steve Cookingham
    Jeff McKnight
    Karen Price 
    Ex Officio
    Superintendent - Michael S. Kuhrt
    Board of Trustees - Dale Harvey