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    Early Learning Department

    Our goal in WFISD is for all Prekindergarten students to enter school with the foundational knowledge and skills to be curious, confident and successful learners. 

    In WFISD, we offer two full day Pre-K options. We have free Pre-K for students who qualify under the state guidelines, and we offer tuition-based Pre-K for employees.

    In partnership with families, schools and staff we provide support for effective and aligned early learning opportunities and programs.

  • Head Start    Free Pre-K

    Tuition Based Pre-K    Upstart



  • Contact Us 

    Picture of Travis Armstrong

    Dr. Travis Armstrong

    Director of Early Learning

    940.235.1000 ext. 15040



    Picture of Jane Bruner

    Jane Ann Bruner

    Early Learning Curriculum Specialist 

    940.235.1021 ext. 15004



    Picture of Stephanie Parsons

    Stephanie Parsons

    Kindergarten Curriculum Specialist

    940.235.1021 ext. 15028