• Finance

    Mission Statement

    Wichita Falls ISD Finance Department is responsible for all financial accounting processes and reporting for all district funds. Our services include district purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, employee payroll, investments, budgeting, and travel. 

     The Department's mission is to provide support for all district stakeholders, ensuring that all financial operations support the disrict's instructional goals and objectives therby providing our students with the best education possible.  

  • Contact Us

    1104 Broad Street
    PO Box 97533
    Wichita Falls, TX 76307-7533
    P: 940.235.1015
    F: 940.235.1320

    Leah Horton

    Leah Horton

    Chief Financial Officer

    940.235.1015 ext. 12002


    Picture of Denise Brown  

    Denise Brown, RTSBA

    Director of Finance

    940.235.1015 ext. 12012



    Wayne Toulon  

    Wayne Toulon, RTSBA

    Accounting Supervisor

    940.235.1015 ext. 12011



     Kerry Wilson

    Kerry Wilson

    Grant Accountant

    940.235.1015 ext. 12003


    Twila Boydston

    Twila Boydston, CTSBS

    Campus and Activity Funds Accountant

    940.235.1015 ext. 12009



    Mary Reed

    Mary Reed, CTSBS

    Payroll Supervisor

    940.235.1015 ext. 12007



    Picture Mikala Haiduk

    Mikala Haiduk

    Payroll Clerk

    940.235.2015 ext. 12005



     Caleb Bean

    Caleb Bean

    Accounts Payable Vendors A-H

    940.235.2015 ext. 12004



    Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez

    Accounts Payable Vendors I-Z

    940.235.2015 ext. 12006