• Policies and Procedures

    Special Education procedures are governed by state laws and School Board policies. To find out more, click here to view the "Policy Online" icon. Then, you will be able to "enter a word or phrase" to search for the correct policy.

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    ARD Meeting

    Assistitive Technology

    Auditory Impairment



    Determination of Needed Evaluation      

    Deaf/Hearing Impaired


    Discipline of a Student

    Emotionally Disturbed 

    Full and Individual Evaluation         

    Initial Referral for Evaluation       

    Intellectual Disability       

    Multiple disabilities           

    Non-categorical Early Childhood               

    Other Health Impaired            

    Orthopedic Impairment       


    Parent consent               

    Personal Graduation Plan                                          

    Prior Written Notice                            

    Restraint and Timeout                  

    Special Education            

    Special Education Procedural Requirement           

    Specific Learning Disability                        

    Speech Impairment                  

    Transfer Student             

    Transition Services         

    Traumatic Brain Injury    

    Visual Impairment         

    Personnel Training           

    Program Requirements                     

    Transition Plan                                



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