Student Services

  • Welcome to the Student Services page. 

    The Student Services department is happy to assist in the following areas:

    • Student Enrollment
    • Student Assignment
    • Transfers
    • Attendance & Truancy
    • Parent/Student Grievances
    • Discipline

Attendance Zones

  • If you wish to identify your child's school of attendance, please enter your address on the Find Your School page. If you do not have an address or want to explore all the schools, you may click the "Find on Map" button to go directly to the map.

  • Search Tips
    • Start typing the address from the beginning rather than copying and pasting.
    • Once you see the result you're looking for you may click the result.
    SchoolSearch is provided to assist the user in finding schools based on an address or geographic location. While every attempt is made to have the most accurate data, results obtained by using this application do not guarantee placement in any particular school. Errors can occur, and final determination will be made by the appropriate authority at the school district. GuideK12, LLC and Wichita Falls School District assume no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the data or results of any search within the SchoolSearch application.

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