Warehouse Stock Information

  • The Wichita Falls ISD maintains a 17,000 square foot warehouse facility. In addition to receiving a large amount of merchandise that is purchased for the district, we also stock a large amount of items for use on the campuses.

    Warehouse Stock Catalog
    The warehouse keeps many items in stock for use at your campuses. You can find a list of items in stock here.

    Warehouse Stock Request
    The warehouse depends on campuses to tell us what they need and use daily. While we can not stock every item that campuses request, we do consider every request we get. If you would like to request that the warehouse stock a specific item please click here.

    Please remember that we consider every request that we receive for stock, but not every item requested will be added to warehouse stock. 

    Warehouse Stock Feedback
    While the warehouse staff stocks and handles all the items that are carried, the campus staff are the ones who use the items on a daily basis. For that reason it is important that the staff at the campus inform us when the products we carry are not sufficient for their needs. If the items we stock in the warehouse are of poor quality or if there is an issue with an item please let us know by clicking here to submit a feedback form.

    As with stock requests, we will evaluate every stock feedback and take action when needed.