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    Rider offers a strong math program to meet the needs of all students. Seniors must have successfully completed four years of high school math to receive a recommended diploma. To facilitate student's needs Rider High School offers a Math Lab for freshmen who need help with their math skills, so the student will be successful in Algebra 1 and on the new End-of-Course state tests. Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) is for seniors who have finished Algebra 2 and are not taking Pre-Calculus or have taken Regular Pre-Calculus and are not taking Calculus or Statistics. AQR is not a college readiness class. Parents and students should consider the student's post graduation career path before enrolling in this class.

    Rider also offers advanced Pre AP classes in:

    Algebra 1


    Algebra 2

    Pre Calculus

    AB Calculus

    BC Calculus

    These Pre AP classes are designed to prepare students for AP Calculus AB or BC  and/or AP Statistics. Students passing College Board exams in these courses can earn college credit.

    Rider High School provides graphing calculators for classroom use. Our math teachers participate in specialized training throughout the year, which keeps them current in new teaching techniques. All math teachers offer tutorials. Each teacher should inform their students of tutorial days and times.

    Current Faculty:

    Click on the teacher's name to view their webpage

    Ron Ayers –Geometry

    Pam Brown – Algebra 2, AP Statistics, PAL

    Lydia Coyle – Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC

    Christie Derzapf – Pre-AP Algebra 1, Algebra 1

    Cara Farnsworth - Math Lab, Algebra 1, CAPS 

    Kyndra Golden - Algebra 1

    Joey Gregg – PreCalculus 

    Paul Loskot - Algebra 2, Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

    Chrystal Miller – Algebra 2 Honors, College Algebra, Algebra 2

    Cheryl Neale - AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Pre-AP Algebra 2, College Algebra (Vernon College), Math Department Chair

    Tim Radtke - Algebra 1

    Jane Ramirez – Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics

    Cheryl Wuthrich- Pre-AP Geometry, AI (Math) 

    For more information about the Math Department, contact
    Cheryl Neale at cneale@wfisd.net or 940-235-1077