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    For more information on Partners in Education, contact January Cadotte, Partners in Education Coordinator at or (940) 235-1009. You may also visit our Facebook page,

    Partners In Education (PIE) connects businesses, organizations, and individuals with schools to enhance student learning.  Through the establishment and nurturing of purposeful relationships between community leaders and educators, PIE strives to leverage skills, talents, and resources to reinforce the district’s mission to prepare all students to become lifelong learners who are productive, responsible, and participating members of society.

    Partners In Education impacts:

    • Students by enhancing opportunities and empowering the pursuit of meaningful and fulfilling lives in an ever-changing world.
    • Schools by implementing effective programs and support to bridge the gap in high-need areas.
    • Partners by fostering a hands-on approach to cultivate future employees and consumers, a deeper understanding of the school system, and increased morale and public recognition.
    • Volunteers by providing a mechanism for community involvement, sharing of expertise and experiences, and direct influence for academic, life skills, and character development.

    Partners In Education is vital in helping the community and school system work and grow together. 

    Whether you are a small business, major corporation, nonprofit organization, civic leader, college student, or retiree, our schools and students need you.  Your involvement with Partners in Education, whether inside or outside the classroom, is an investment in our children, our community, and our future.  Find your slice of PIE today!