• Maintenance/Key Requests & Tech Support Tickets

    Go to the WFISD district homepage www.wfisd.net

    Click on the Staff icon on the top right portion of the homepage

    Click on Helpdesk

    Login using your district email and password


    For a Maintenance Request or Technology Support ticket:

    Choose the appropriate drop down menu to select the specific nature of the request (select either maintenance or technology support)

    Use the following drop down menus to narrow the focus of your request

    Complete all required fields

    Click submit


    For a Key Request:

    Select Maintenance in the first drop down menu

    Select Key Request in the second drop down menu

    Detail what keys you are requesting (i.e. room number)

    Be sure to enter your employee ID number

    Note:  Only coaches and certain extra-curricular sponsors are issued alarm passcodes and exterior door keys

    Complete all required fields

    Click submit