• Quana West
    (940) 235-1077
    Full Name
    Quana West
    High School attended:

    Waurika High School
    Where did you receive your bachelors
    Cameron University
    Bachelors received: 
    BS if Science in Education, Minor in History

    How long have you been an administrator:
    19 years
    How long have you been at Rider:
    4 years
    What do you enjoy most about your career:
    I enjoy getting to interact with students and see 
    how they mature over the years.  It's amazing to see the differences that happen between someone's freshman and senior year.  I enjoy feeling like I have been helpful to people when it was needed.  
    Favorite Hobby:
    Fishing and outdoor sports
    Favorite Sports Team:
    Rider Raiders and any team my boys are on