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New Online WFISD Registration Begins Monday for Everyone

New Online WFISD Registration Begins Monday for Everyone

WFISD goes paperless for all enrollees


All parents in the Wichita Falls ISD, whose students are both returning or new, must register their children online for the 2016-2017 school year, starting Monday July 11.


The new online registration process can be completed using any mobile device with Internet access: smart phone, iPad or similar tablet, or computer.  This online registration will replace the traditional stacks of paper that parents routinely fill out, one for each child, at the beginning of each school year.


Parents who qualify for free or reduced lunches can also fill out their Child Nutrition Application (formerly called the Free and Reduced Lunch Application) online, starting July 11.


Next week, parents of returning students will receive information via an email or letter that will contain a link that will direct them to the WFISD system to review and complete their registration packet.


All must enroll; Yes, this means you

“It’s a huge transition, going from all paper to all digital,” said Leah Horton, a WFISD technology staff member. “We understand the growing pains.”


However, once parents use the system, they will like it, she predicts. She watched 550 pre-K and kindergarten parents register with the online system in May. “When they were done, they loved it,” she said.


All information entered into the system follows each child through his WFISD career, conveniently autopopulating any other forms the student or his parent fills out in years to come.


It will get simpler each year, as parents go online to simply add or update information.


Online registration replaces paper packets

Previously, parents filled out a packet of information for each child every August, then the school secretaries entered all that information for every student into the school computers. It was a laborious task that inundated school secretaries for the first six weeks of school every year, said Ms. Horton, and the information wasn’t fully available until they had completed the gargantuan task.


One of those secretaries, now retired, brought her grandchild to the Pre-K Round-Up to register online, and was impressed. “She said, ‘This is the best thing the district has done for the campuses,’” said Ms. Horton.


Once parents understood what the online process replaced, they had nothing but raves for the system. “We had a mother of four kids come in to register her fourth. I said, ‘You know that packet you filled out for every kid every year? You just did that online. You do not have to do that again.’ She was excited,” said Ms. Horton.


Chromebooks available for use at campuses

If parents have no Internet access, they can visit their school starting July 11 and register with the Chromebooks set up in kiosks in each school entry. “We’re doing what we can to help the public transition into this new era,” said Ms. Horton.


For parents who must provide documentation to accompany their registration, she urged them to do the online registration first, then call the campus and visit the secretary to drop off the documentation. It will be reviewed, updated into the online system, and the new enrollment will be accepted.


For example, a family that has moved during the summer will need to provide proof of residence before the registration will be accepted. Documentation must be hand-carried to the campus, not sent by email.


All parents or guardians must have an email address to set up a new account in the online registration system.


Fill in, hit submit, then hand-carry documentation

Once an account is set up and all information has been filled in, simply hit “submit,” said Ms. Horton. Then the user will receive an email that confirms his email registration has been received. The system will read his home address and automatically register him at his home campus.  If a parent has questions about his child’s campus assignment, he or she should contact Linda Muehlberger in the Student Assignment Office at 235-1000, ext. 16002.


New enrollees will follow the same online registration, starting July 11. A link to the online registration will be available at


Ms. Horton estimated that the process may take about 20 minutes for a new enrollee and barely 10 minutes for a returning student. As part of the process, the parent must accept and approve the Student Handbook.


Other documentation that a parent may need to provide: New immunization records, proof of residency (a water, electric or gas bill; rental agreement or current lease), a social security card, birth certificate, or a parent/guardian photo ID, such as a driver’s license.