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Board Members Give Go-Ahead to Roofing Jobs, Capturing Kids' Hearts Program

Board Members Give Go-Ahead to Roofing Jobs, Capturing Kids’ Hearts program


A popular staff development program called Capturing Kids’ Hearts, which has been applauded by teachers for transforming the campus climate at four small WFISD schools, will now be used at four large schools in the 2017-2018 school year.


Board members cast the 6-0 vote approving the program during the April board meeting at the Education Center on April 17.


WFISD piloted the program early in the 2016-2017 school year at four small elementary schools: Booker T. Washington, Burgess, Lamar and Haynes Northwest Academy Elementary Schools. Teachers gave it rave reviews, according to Peter Griffiths, associate superintendent.


Board members approved expanding the popular professional development program next year to Barwise and Kirby Middle Schools and to Zundy and Scotland Park Elementary Schools. The cost to expand the program provided by Flippen Group is $162,600, he said.


Athletic recognitions

Board members honored the Rider High School boys basketball players for their academic achievements.


Three students were THSCA 1st Team Academic All-State:

  • Conner Chamberlain
  • David Moffat
  • Eli Portman


Five students were TABC Academic All-State:

  • Dalton Bloxham
  • Brayden Carpenter
  • Conner Chamberlain
  • David Moffat
  • Eli Portmann


All students were coached by Rider Head Basketball Coach Cliff McGuire.


Board members also recognized Rider High School Boys Soccer players who were TASCO Academic All State under the coaching of Rider Head Soccer Coach Josh Hill:


  • Auguste Bigot
  • Grayson Ellett
  • Jacob Higgins
  • Kaleb Koetter
  • Aaron Lange
  • Zack Rallis
  • Gage Simpson


Board members also recognized Rider High School Girls Soccer senior girls, 100 percent of whom achieved Academic All State under the coaching of Rider Head Soccer Coach Carl Wiersema:

  • Miranda Davis
  • Kaitlyn Geisinger
  • Kayley Gunkel
  • Sierra Martinez
  • Makenna Wood


Financial reports

In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the year-to-date financial and investment report through Feb. 28, 2017, provided by Chief Financial Officer Tim Sherrod.


The reports represent six months of operations, which is half of the fiscal year. As of February last year, the district had collected 66.84 percent of its projected revenues. This year WFISD has collected slightly less, 65.16 percent. Expenditures are slightly higher compared to last year, with expenditures 48.57 percent of the year compared to 36.85 percent last year.


The higher expenditures reflect ramped up costs as the school district approaches the end of the school year and the spending of tax maintenance funds, said Mr. Sherrod.


The General Fund revenues are slightly higher this year compared to last year, 67.89 percent this year compared to 66.64 percent last year. Expenses are also slightly higher this year, 48.48 percent this year compared to 45.34 percent last year.


The Food Service Fund revenues are slightly lower this year at 57.35 percent compared to 58.85 percent last year. Food Service expenses are slightly higher this year at 48.80 percent this year compared to 47.69 percent last year.


The Debt Service Fund revenues are markedly higher this year at 96.68 percent compared to last year’s 91.23 percent. Debt Service Fund expenditures were also higher this year at 78.38 percent this year compared to 77.10 percent last year.


Mr. Sherrod reminded board members that the District paid off one note then issued new tax maintenance notes and made the first payment of its $9 million debt on the new note.


Re-roofing selected areas at Rider High School

In a 6-0 vote, board members unanimously agreed to approve a re-roofing project for selected areas at Rider High School. The District will pay Precision Construction $648,500 to do the job.


WFISD Director of Maintenance Brady Woolsey said he had checked the company’s references and received good reports on jobs that mirrored the work that will be done at Rider.


Board President Dale Harvey expressed concern that even though the bids had been sent to seven vendors and four attended a walk-through, only the selected bidder offered a bid. “We had one vendor. That’s concerning,” said Mr. Harvey.


Mr. Woolsey said that a serious storm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area one week before the bid date may have promised more business for the companies there and created less interest in the Rider job.


Re-roofing selected areas at Zundy Elementary

In a 6-0 vote, board members unanimously agreed to approve a re-roofing project for selected areas at Zundy Elementary. Lydick Hooks Roofing will do the job for $327,020, according to Mr. Sherrod.


The cost was negotiated down from an original bid of $366,080. A second bid from Armored Roofing was considerably higher, at $413,291.54.


The final cost with Lydick Hooks Roofing was negotiated down by changing the attachment method of the roof insulation. “It will be mechanically fasted with #21 TEC screws as opposed to an adhesive bond,” wrote Mr. Sherrod in board documents. “There will be no change in the roof membrane or the warranty (a 20-year No Dollar Limit warranty).”


Mr. Sherrod expects the roofing project to take six weeks. The expense is part of the 2015-2016 Capital Improvements Projects and will be funded by Tax Maintenance budgeted funds.


Property, Auto and Crime Insurance

In a 6-0 vote, WFISD board members voted to stay with its current insurance provider Higginbotham of Ft. Worth, Texas, for its property, auto and crime insurance. Of 14 vendors, four responded with quotes.


Higginbotham quoted prices that were nearly the same as the previous contract, and its bid was the lowest. “They were also the only one who covered all three,” said Mr. Sherrod. “Because they are our current provider, we know what we’re getting with them.”


The property insurance will cost $239,616; the auto insurance will cost $39,089; the crime insurance will cost $2,699.


Human Resources

In a 6-0 vote, board members hired Grant Freeman as a teacher/coach to replace departing Wichita Falls High School’s Campus Athletic Coordinator Paul Sharr.


Also hired: two secondary teachers – one for Rider, one for Barwise Middle School -- with a total of 12 years experience.


Consent agenda

In a 6-0 vote, board members passed the Consent Agenda, which included the following items:

  • Resale property bid at 2317 Harding Street
  • Resale property bid at 820 N. Cottonwood Road
  • Turnaround plans for Burgess Elementary and Booker T. Washington Elementary
  • Instructional materials allotment and TEKS certification
  • Personnel report
  • Policy update on BQA for the formation of the District Advisory Committee
  • Minutes