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Public Hears Four Campus Improvement Plans

Public Hears Four Campus Improvement Plans

Financial reports, applicant pool approved




9-18board meeting

Hirschi High School Principal Doug Albus (left, standing) explains his school's Targeted Improvement Plan to WFISD board members at Monday's public hearing.






Four WFISD campuses received an “Improvement Required” rating this year, requiring each principal to present to the public the school’s plans to improve this year.


WFISD board members assembled Monday, Sept. 18 at 5:30 p.m. for this 45-minute public hearing, which preceded the regularly scheduled September board meeting.


The public hearing featured reports from Kirby Middle School’s Troy Farris, Booker T. Washington’s Mark Davis, Hirschi High School’s Doug Albus and Franklin Elementary’s Angie Betts.


Each principal previously gave their reports to board members in a Sept. 12 work session.


There were no comments or questions from the public following the presentations.


After a short recess, board members passed the District’s Consent Agenda in a 6-0 vote. With the Consent Agenda, they adopted the following agreements:

  • Participation in Region 10’s FICA Alternative Plan
  • Trinity Hughes Sundt Change Order for Brewster Street
  • Region 9 Service Center Contract
  • 2017-2018 Targeted Improvement Plans for IR Campuses
  • Class-Size Exception Waiver
  • FDB(Local) update
  • Minutes
  • Personnel report


Financial Services

Board members approved Chief Financial Officer Tim Sherrod’s financial reports through July 31, 2017 in a 6-0 vote.


The revenue and expenditure position reflected 11 months – or 91 percent -- of the school district’s fiscal year.


This year’s collected revenues were down slightly compared to last year: 90.25 percent this year compared to 92.67 percent last year.


In the General fund, revenues were slightly lower this year compared to last year: 91.63 percent this year compared to 92.32 percent last year.


The General Fund expenditures were higher this year, at 88.27 percent this year compared to 85.28 percent last year.


The Food Service Fund revenues were lower this year compared to last year: 84.82 percent this year compared to 87.53 percent last year. Food Service expenditures were lower this year – at 77.39 percent – compared to 79.11 last year.


The Debt Service Fund revenues were higher this year than last year: 102.14 percent this year compared to 98.83 percent last year.


Debt Service Fund expenditures were fractionally higher this year – at 100 percent – compared to 99.97 percent last year.


Applicant Pool

Board members approved the hiring of two teachers in a 6-0 vote. The two teachers – a secondary science teacher and an elementary English teacher – bring nine years of experience to the District.