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Durham School Services Equips Buses with Sophisticated Camera System

Durham School Services Equips Buses with
Sophisticated Camera System
Bus company equips all buses with Lytx DriveCam to enhance safety

Durham School Services has been in the school bus industry for more than 100
years, so the company knows what it takes to make students and bus drivers safe,
said Brian Gibson, who directs WFISD’s fleet of Durham buses.

Durham School Services has already added GPS systems to its buses. The
company also uses a text alert system that notifies Gibson when a bus driver
speeds. Durham also has pre- and post-trip electronic tracking.

But in Mr. Gibson’s presentation to board members at the November 12 board
meeting, he announced one new safety enhancement that will affect all WFISD
buses – including its route and activity buses—without costing WFISD a dime.
“We are equipping our entire North American fleet with Lytx DriveCam,” said Mr.
Gibson, showing off a black, camera-like device. The system focuses on improving
safe driving skills for drivers by capturing unusual driving events that allow
directors to provide additional coaching.

When the device is activated by a sudden bump or braking event on the road, it
captures a 12-second clip of the event – 8 seconds back and 4 seconds forward.

The 180-degree view shows the driver and bus and can be used to further instruct
bus drivers or answer questions about problems on the road.

The DriveCam process includes six features:
 Capture: DriveCam captures events that could be caused by risky driving
 Upload: DriveCam uploads events via a wireless network
 Review: Events are reviewed, analyzed and scored
 Access: The Coach accesses secured online site for events, dashboards and
 Coach: The Coach reviews information, events and scores with driver
 Improve: Driver returns to the field with improved skills

The footage can be instrumental in training and rewarding drivers for things that
happen on the road. “We’ll be coaching everything without being there,” said
Mr. Gibson.

Durham invested $60,000 to purchase the 103 units of hardware for WFISD and is
paying $3,000 monthly locally to monitor the footage gained. “We will spend this
at no cost to you,” said Mr. Gibson.

The program is designed to promote driver safety and is not a student
management system, he said.

Superintendent Mike Kuhrt recognized two board members for their service to

He thanked board members Bill Franklin and Adam Groves for their service to
children of the district. Their formal positions as board members ended with the
Nov. 12 meeting.

Financial Reports as of Sept. 30, 2018

In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the financial and investment reports
submitted by Tim Sherrod, chief financial officer.

The reports represent 8.33 percent of the fiscal year. As of September 2017, the
District collected 10.28 percent of projected revenues, as compared to 10.39
percent for 2018-2019. Expenditures for 2018-2019 were 7.82 percent of budget,
as compared to 8.04 percent for 2017-2018.

For the General Fund: Revenues were 11.78 percent last year compared to 10.93
percent this year. Expenditures were 8.49 percent last year compared to 8.02
percent this year.

For the Food Service Fund: Revenues were 8.72 percent last year compared to
9.97 percent this year. Expenditures were 8.59 percent last year compared to
10.78 percent this year.

For the Debt Service Fund: Revenues were .19 percent last year compared to .25
percent this year. Expenditures were 0 percent last year compared to 0 percent
this year.

Consent Agenda
In a 7-0 vote, board members passed the Consent Agenda. It included:
 Resale bids of property located at 1406 Mitchell Street and 904 Stratford
 Performance Objectives
 TASB Recommended Policy Changes Following Legal Review
 WFISD-Initiated Localized Update: Annual Operating Budget: CE(LOCAL)
 Minutes

Human Resources
In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the certified applicant pool of one new
teacher that was requested by Human Resources Director Cyndy Kohl. The
approval brings in one new high school science teacher into the District. The
approval also included one contract change.