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WFISD Sets the Stage to Put a Chromebook in Every Hand

WFISD Sets the Stage to Put a Chromebook in Every Hand

Chromebooks purchased and leased to finish out a 1:1 initiative


With two unanimous 6-0 votes, WFISD board members took the action needed April 16 to further a years-long strategy to put a Chromebook in the hand of every student.


The move adds 4,500 devices to the District’s current count of 2,400.


WFISD will purchase Chromebooks and license from CDW Government LLC of Vernon Hills, IL, for $1,735,959; StayMobile Case/ADP from Howard Industries, Inc. from Laurel, MS for $387,000; GoGuardian Bundle from Delcom Group from Lewisville, TX for $131,783; a ChromeManagement License to MJHayes, Inc out of Mansfield, TX for $161,006, and Neoprene Sleeves to Mohawk USA/Bump Armor out of New Milford, CT for $48,405.


WFISD purchased the White Glove Service as part of the CDW Government contract. The Chromebooks will come into the District already added to the District’s domain. “A student will open it up, and it will be ready to go. They can turn it on and log on without us having to touch them,” said Shad McGaha, technology director.


That alone will “save us countless hours,” said Mr. McGaha.


The District will also lease Chromebooks, software and cases from Vantage Financial out of Austin, TX at an annual payment of $627,084 for four years.


The plan now is to roll out 2,400 devices to middle school students.


This year, the District has spent $34,000 fixing screen damage on its devices.


The District now has 2,400 devices; with this purchase and leasing, WFISD will have 6,900 devices.


Chartwells Contract Renewed


In a 6-0 vote, board members unanimously approved the one-year renewal to the existing contract with Chartwells for the 2018-2019 school year. The contract will terminate June 30, 2019 or may be renewed for three additional terms of one year.


There was no fee increase “to show partnership with the District,” said Chartwells Regional Director Michael Leonard. Chartwells guarantees that the return to WFISD from the food service program for the next school year will be $251,492.


Last year, Chartwells absorbed the $50,000 custodial cost of cleaning the cafeterias since the amount was not included in the initial RFP passed by WFISD.


Disposal of Excess Textbooks


In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the disposal of excess textbook inventory proposed by Associate Superintendent Peter Griffiths. He estimated there are 130 skids of textbooks sitting two to four feet high in the District’s warehouse.


With the popularity of digital initiatives, hardcover textbooks are piling up in storage facilities. Campus principals have requested that they be disposed of. Some textbooks – such as elementary and secondary health books -- are 15 years old but still technically in state adoption. Other books were adopted in 2011, such as elementary and secondary language arts books and elementary spelling books.


The District plans to retain enough textbooks to meet classroom needs but to dispose of the rest. In all, about 35 percent of the textbooks will be disposed of.


Teacher Hiring Schedules

In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the Teacher Hiring Schedules for 2018-2019 for teachers and librarians submitted to them by Tim Sherrod, chief financial officer. This hiring schedule is the same as the 2017-2018 hiring schedule, which starts new teachers at a 187-day salary of $43,200 and new librarians at a 192-day salary of $44,350.

This is a hiring schedule only and not the full step salary schedule for current employees.


Applicant Pool

In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the applicant pool submitted by Human Resources Director Cyndy Kohl. With the vote, the District hired three elementary teachers with a combined 10 years of experience.


Consent Agenda


In a 6-0 Vote, board members approved the Consent Agenda, which included:

  • Resale bids of property located within WFISD
  • Financial reports as of Feb. 28, 2018
  • Resolution and Interlocal Agreement for The Interlocal Purchasing System
  • Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification
  • Minutes