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Make Your Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations Now

Make Your Athletic Hall of Fame Nominations Now

Complete online form to induct standout athlete, coach, team


You’ve known and admired them for years: WFISD’s greatest former athletes, coaches and teams. Now, tell us.


The WFISD Athletic Department is establishing its first ever Athletic Hall of Fame, and Athletic Director Scot Hafley wants your nominations now for the first class of inductees in Spring 2017.


Find the online nomination form here.


You can nominate WFISD’s former stand-outs in three categories: former athletes, former coaches and former teams. The District will automatically induct all its state championship teams.


Consider the athletic achievements of athletes who lettered in or coached golf, softball, tennis, soccer, football, basketball, cross-country, powerlifting, volleyball, baseball, track and field, gymnastics and swimming.


“If you’ve never gone through this (Hall of Fame set-up) or seen it done, it’s a lot of fun,” said Hafley. “I was fortunate to be a part of it when Willa Gipson did this in Birdville ISD. The banquet (to honor the inductees) is extremely enjoyable. The inductees have a chance to stand up and talk about their career at whatever high school they came from and the folks who meant a lot to them.”


Wichita Falls is a treasure trove of athletic accomplishments, said Hafley.


“We have so many coaches in WFISD who went on to careers as administrators and lived their whole lives here, giving back to the school and community and kids forever,” he said.


Hafley wants to induct at least 10 individuals in the first class, with the following stipulations:

  • 5 at-large from any WFISD schools from any era, with at least one representative from each high school
  • A minimum of two female athletes per class
  • A minimum of one member of Wichita Falls High School prior to 1961
  • A member of Booker T. Washington High School to represent the black community prior to school desegregation


Hafley set up a judging committee consisting of several former coaches and community members who have lived their entire lives in Wichita Falls.


“We have a system where committee members will review nomination forms minus the individual’s name. They will rank all the nominees from lowest to highest. Then they will add all the committee’s numbers together, and those who score the highest will be selected,” he said.


Hafley will not be a ranking or voting member but will direct the committee and step in to resolve a tie. “I don’t have the depth of knowledge of Wichita Falls athletics going back to the beginning of time,” he joked.


The District will create a Hall of Fame plaque for each inductee, complete with photo and biographical information. Hafley is scouring the district for a permanent neutral home for the plaques. Until he finds one, the Hall of Fame may be a mobile exhibit that travels to Friday night football games and is put on display under a celebratory tent. “We could have the plaques out so people can see them and increase awareness and interest in it,” said Hafley. Or, he may set up a display in the new Career Education Center when it opens in Fall 2017.


The importance of this new Hall of Fame can’t be overstated.


“We will come together for one night of inductions, and it will give you a real sense of the importance of the schools and the role athletics plays in the school system,” said Hafley. “It’s very entertaining and fun, and everyone will gain a deep appreciation for the history of athletics in our community.”