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Career Education Center Construction Progresses Toward Goal

Career Education Center Construction Progresses Toward Goal

Creative scheduling may be required to meet move-in date



After a five-year drought, Wichita Falls loves its rain. But the wet stuff has made it a challenge for Trinity Hughes/Sundt contractors to stay on schedule during the recent months of construction on the District’s $28 million Career Education Center.


Project manager Josh Miller reported on the CEC construction progress to WFISD board members at the regularly scheduled board meeting Jan. 17. The project is still on budget but slightly behind schedule, he said.


The project has had “rain delays, even one this week,” he said. Even as he delivered his report, rain sprinkled outside the Education Center building where Mr. Miller gave his report.


The L-shaped CEC building’s two-story wing is now dried in, he said, and construction crews have completed soundproofing in the audio-visual department rooms. Various roofs and walls throughout the building are also complete, as are all joists and decking installations. Construction crews are 90 percent finished with a brick veneer wall.


Current activities in the two-story wing include:

  • HVAC rooftop units will be set Jan. 23.
  • The two-story glass installation will be complete by Jan. 20-25.
  • Dry-in date for the one-story building is Feb. 3.
  • Electrical rough in the audio-visual room will be complete Jan. 23.
  • HVAC and communication technology infrastructure is being installed now.
  • Chipboard walls are going in now.

In February:

  • Begin chipboard finishes.
  • Build the greenhouse.


In March:

  • Permanent HVAC equipment will be installed and turned on.
  • Temporary HVAC units will be dismantled.
  • Gas meter will be installed; piping is in place and lines are in and pressurized.


“As we look at all that, we continue to lose days to rain,” said Mr. Miller. If it continues with no changes, the company will not meet its finish date, he said.


To counteract that, the company will take a “deep dive” into the construction schedule in March. “The building should be dried in, and we’ll have a good feeling for where we are. We will determine where we can start saving time,” he said.


The team will get creative, deciding which activities can be moved forward and where projects can overlap to speed progress.


What will be most helpful is to finish roads and dirt work around the perimeter of the building so that construction workers can have easy access in and out of the building. “If we can get flat work around the building, there will be no more need to claim rain delays, and the guys can get to work,” he said.


The team will find a way to “stay well clear of the student start date,” which is mid-August.


Student athlete accolades


Board members recognized members of the 2016 Texas Associated Press Sports Editors All-State High School Football Team. These student athletes were named to the TAPSE All-State Football Team:

  • Hirschi High School – Class 4A Team: Daimarqua Foster – Honorable Mention Linebacker and Isaiah White – Honorable Mention Linebacker, under the coaching of Danny Youngs
  • Rider High School – Class 5A Team: Bryce Hughes – Honorable Mention Defensive Back and Punter, under the coaching of Marc Bindel
  • Wichita Falls High School – Class 5A Team: Stephen Gaines – Honorable Mention Running Back, under the coaching of Paul Sharr


Board members recognized Football Academic All-State Student Athletes:

  • Rider High School’s Will Harrison – 2nd Team; Anthony Aranda – Honorable Mention; Ross Chapman – Honorable Mention. These athletes are coached by Marc Bindel.
  • Wichita Falls High School’s Sebastian Gusman – 2nd He is coached by Paul Sharr.


Board members recognized Volleyball Academic All-State Student Athletes. These athletes must have an overall grade point average of 92 or above for grades 9-11, be a varsity participant or member of the support staff of that sport in good standing, and be a graduating senior of good moral character. They are:

  • Rider High School’s Karlea Ritchie, Kelsie Sager, Elizabeth Taubert. These athletes are coached by Alysha Humpert.


Student musician, vocalist accolades


Board members recognized three WFISD students for exceptional achievement in being named as Texas Music Educators Association All-State Students. These star students are chosen from an initial pool of 64,000 who compete for the honor of performing in one of 15 state ensembles. That group is whittled down to 1,700 of only the highest-ranking musicians to perform in a TMEA All-State music group. They are:

  • Rider High School’s John Dawson – All-State Symphonic Band Percussionist. His director: Loy Studer.
  • Rider High School’s Austin Taack – All-State Mixed Choir. His director: Melanie Coons
  • Wichita Falls High School’s Mary Grace Scales – All-State Treble Choir. Her director: Chris Jarvis.



Board reception

Once a year, WFISD honors its board members for their uncompensated service to the District. WFISD hosted a reception prior to the 6 p.m. board meeting in their honor. The District thanks its seven board members:

  • Dale Harvey, President
  • Bill Franklin, Vice president
  • Elizabeth Yeager, Secretary
  • Tom Bursey
  • Adam Groves
  • Bob Payton
  • Mike Rucker


Consent Agenda

In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the Consent Agenda, which included adoption of the WFISD 2017-2018 School Calendar, localized policy updates, resale bids on property, a personnel report, an updated T-TESS appraiser, and meeting minutes.


Financial Services report

In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the financial and investment reports that summarize data of the past three months of operations, or 25 percent of the fiscal year.


As of November last year, the district had collected 28.7 percent of projected revenues, as compared to 29.3 percent for this fiscal year. Expenditures for last year’s 2015-2016 fiscal year were 17.02 percent of budget as compared to 19.85 percent for 2016-2017.


The General Fund revenues were 31.66 percent last year; 31.32 percent this year. Expenditures were 23.6 percent last year; 24.2 percent this year. Interim Chief Financial Officer Tim Sherrod attributed the slight difference to the early start of this fiscal year on Sept. 1, with expenditures beginning right away.


For the Food Service Fund, revenues were 31.28 percent last year; 31.37 percent this year. Expenditures were 24.93 percent last year; 25.59 percent this year.


For the Debt Service Fund, revenues were 10.9 percent last year; 16.55 percent this year. Expenditures for both years are zero percent.


Mr. Sherrod told board members that he had included one new schedule of ADA financial information, at their prior request. It was found on page 69 of board documents, titled Projected Revenue Year-to-Date Comparison, Nov. 30, 2016.


The document shows a difference of $25.1 million of state revenue. “You will see a large draw down to make in Special Ed in next month’s financials,” said Mr. Sherrod.


Applicant Pool

In a 7-0 vote, board members hired Peyton Gilbert, a teacher for Southern Hills, and Stacey Darnall, a principal for Haynes Northwest Academy.