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Students Who Achieved as State Competitors Fill Education Center

Students Who Achieved as State Competitors Fill Education Center

113 students recognized for state achievements in fine arts, sports, ag science, academics



In the May 15 school board meeting, WFISD administrators, parents and teachers celebrated more than 100 students for their academic and extra-curricular achievements at the state level.


WFISD recognized 113 students Monday with certificates for state ranking and wins, including:


State Music Qualifiers:

  • Rider High School seniors from Band/Orchestra: Dylan Blackwell, Felix Castillo, Matthew Combs, John Dawson, Geordy Deatherage, Syler Dotson, Collin Hardison, Abby Love, Nathaniel Moisant, Jacob Picht, Dru Sawyer, James Scales, Preston Shannon, Brandon Springer, Par Wilkinson (Instructor Loy Studer)
  • Rider Choir: Paige Cantrell, Jacob Higgins, Makayla Luna, Jessica Sicer, Taylor Wilson (Instructor Melanie Coons)
  • Wichita Falls High School Seniors from Chohir: Clara Baker, Savannah Carter, Matthew Kaspar, Tyler Moss, Jose Perez, Caitlen Richison, Mary Grace Scales, Avery Trevino, Vanessa Zurek (instructor Chris Jarvis)
  • Hirschi High School seniors from Band/Orchestra: Maura Gibson, Kyleigh Harris, Jonah Seigler, Chloe Silknitter (Instructors Shirley Johnston and Matt Malone)
  • Hirschi choir: Zalma Daye, Autumn Fredline (Instructor Mineasa Nesbit)

State Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) qualifiers:

  • From Hirschi: Mariah Franklin, Kaitlyn Gonzales, Natalia Hernandez (State Gold Medalist), Andi Newberry, Carlie Spurlock (Instructors Jesse Baggett, Tommy Evans)
  • From Wichita Falls High School: Anjelica Corona, Raine Manary, Jade Sanchez (State Gold Medalist), Augusta Stephenson, Sara Tepfer (State Gold Medalist), Sara Tran (State Gold Medalist) (Instructors Chris Mayfield, Carol Rose)

Texas Music Scholars from Rider High School:

  • Caleigh Studer, Zayana Uddin, Aaron Wheat

Texas Math/Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) competitors from Kirby Middle School:

  • Kirby Team received 3rd Place Overall, 2nd place Number Sense, 2nd Place Mathematics, 6th Place Science
  • Manasvi Reddy – 1st Place Number Sense, 2nd Place Mathematics, 8th Place Science (a triple champion, having won first place as a 6th, 7th and 8th grader)
  • Sarayu Malireddy – 1st place Mathematics, 2nd Place Number Sense
  • Anthony Shuey – 1st Place Calculator Applications, 5th Place Mathematics, 7th Place Number Sense
  • Albright Nzeh-Biko – 15th Place science
  • Christopher Laxamana – 16th Place Calculator Applications
  • Jacob Newberry – 34th Place Number Sense
  • Joseph Johnson 52nd Place Science
  • Isaac Enriquez – 22nd Place Science
  • Lauren Nicolas – 22nd Place Number Sense, 32nd Place Mathematics
  • Mohammed Sharar – 4th Place Science
  • Instructor: Gwenna Gallenberger

FFA Vet Science Team from Rider High School State Qualifiers:

  • Vet Science Team – 5th in Area
  • Bailee Owen, Kaylee Ryan, Megan Smith, Charli Wein (Placed 5th out of 106 participants in area competition)
  • Instructor: Amber West

Rider High School Baseball Academic All-State:

  • Bryce Hughes, Parker Kelly, David Moffat, Matt Tempelmeyer
  • Head Baseball Coach: Jeremy Crouch

Wichita Falls High School Boys Soccer:

  • TASC All-State: Richy Acosta, 1st Team; Jose Castaneda, 2nd Team; Israel Gonzales, 2nd Team; Alex Ramirez, Honorable Mention
  • TASCO Academic All-State: Steven Hernandez, Garrett Hopkins, Alex Ramirez, Rafael Saldana
  • UIL State Tournament Team: Jose Castaneda, Alex Ramirez
  • WFHS Varsity Boys Soccer Team – Region I Champions; State Semifinalists: Team members: Armando Acosta, Jose Acosta, Richy Acosta, Ernesto Alvarez, Moises Becerra, Frank Bocel, Adrian Botello, Luis Camacho, Jose Castaneda, Kordell Dorman, Israel Bonzalez, Ramon Gonzalez, Jorge Guillen, Luis Cutierrez, Johan Hernandez, Steven Hernandez, Luis Higareda, Garrett Hopkins, Marc Ledezma, Jose Longoria, Jose Luevano, Victor Luevano, Sergio Miranda, Jesus Ortiz, Alex Ramirez, Andres Rodriguez, Rafael Saldana, Julio Velasquez
  • Head Boys Soccer Coach: Patrick McCauley

Rider High School Softball TGCA Academic All-State:

  • Anna Craig, Devon Hagy, Sarah Tempelmeyer, Miranda Whaite; Head Softball Coach Alisha Crouch

Wichita Falls High School Baseball Academic All-State:

  • Grant Harvey, Jett Johnson; Head Baseball Coach: Cole Woodward

Rider High School UIL State Competition Winners:

  • Rider High School Literary Criticism Team (State Runners-Up) Brendan Gerdts, Kerri Lu, Zayana Uddin, Aaron Wheat
  • Kerri Lu (2nd place), Brendan Gerdts (3rd place), Aaron What (5th place)
  • Instructor Heather Preston

Hirschi High School UIL State Competition:

  • Hirschi High School Number Sense Team – 3rd Place
  • Alexis Nicolas, 2nd place Number Sense; Krishna Reddy, 6th Place Number Sense; Alexis Nicolas, 4th Place Mathematics; Andi Newberry, 8th Place News Writing

Hirschi High School Business Professionals of America State Competitors:

  • Website Design Team: Mesonma Anwasi, Sonya Ganeshram, Autumn Perry, Destiny Rose-Patrick, Tatiyanna Young
  • Computer Network Technology: Destiny Rose-Patrick
  • Instructor: Ketra Davenport-King

McNiel Middle School Track:

  • New City Record – Boys Triple Jump: Jacob Rodriguez, coached by Mike Olsen
  • New City Record – Shot Put (38’ 8 - 1/4” ), coached by Mandy Cross

Hirschi High School Track:

  • State Track Meet Qualifier – 400 Meter Dash: Azan Sargusingh, coached by Joseph Carroll

Hirschi High School Softball:

  • TGCA Academic All-State: Kaylee Kuhrt, coached by Jeff Pirkle

Hirschi High School Baseball Academic All-State:

  • Devon Burkhalter, coached by Nathan Frost

Hirschi High School Tennis Academic All-State:

  • Evan Jackson, coached by Lee Gregg

Hirschi High School Track:

  • THSCA Academic All-State: Gerrick McKinney
  • State Track Meet Qualifier – 100 Meter Dash: Roman Turner
  • State Track Meet Qualifier – 4x200 Meter Relay: Javen Banks, Daimarqua Foster, Gerrick McKinney, Roman Turner
  • Head Track Coach Shane Adair

Texas Association of Soccer Coaches Region I Coach of the Year

  • Patrick McCauley, Wichita Falls High School

Wichita Falls High School Girls Soccer

  • All-State: Erin Smith – 2nd Team
  • TGCA Academic All-State: Reilly Anderson, Erin Smith
  • TASCO Academic All-State: Reilly Anderson, Gisela Oviedo, Gaby Saldana, Erin Smith, Tiffany Zavala
  • Coached by Head Girls Soccer Coach: Rob Woodard

Wichita Falls High School Boys Basketball

  • THSCA Academic All-State: Dillard Harvey
  • TABC Academic All-State: Dillard Harvey
  • Coached by Head Basketball Coach Mark Malone


Student Art Purchase Award Winners

In a local contest, four art students became Student Art Purchase Award winners. The District purchased a piece of their art for $100 per piece to display at the Education Center. Student Art Purchase Award winners are:

  • Hirschi High School’s Natalia Hernandez
  • Rider High School’s Abigail Guinan
  • Wichita Falls High School’s Lauren Anderson, Sara Tran



Marzano Certifications

WFISD also recognized several schools for earning certifications in the Marzano High Reliability Program, earning Levels 1, 2 and – the most prestigious – Level 3.


Marzano High Reliability Schools Certified Levels:

  • Level 1: Safe and Collaborative – Burgess Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Haynes Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Fain Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Zundy Elementary Southern Hills (Spring 2016)
  • Level 2: Effective Teaching – Fain Elementary, Zundy Elementary, Southern Hills (Fall 2017)
  • Level 3: Viable Curriculum – Zundy Elementary, Southern Hills Elementary


Consent Agenda

In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the Consent Agenda., which addressed the following changes:

  • Barwise Middle School Track Renovation
  • 2017-2018 Textbook Adoption
  • Personnel Report
  • Policy Update 107
  • Local District Update on Policy DH (Local) and FDA (Local
  • Minutes


Local District Update on Policy DNA (Local)

Debby Patterson, executive director of school administration, reported that Policy DNA (Local) was updated to reflect the terminology of the District’s new appraisal system, T-TESS. Accordingly, the policy no longer speaks of “waivers” but instead refers to partial or full appraisals for teachers.


She also added more specifics to guide administrators who oversee teachers who earn a masters or doctoral degree and opt for a partial appraisal.


Board members accepted her policy update in a 7-0 vote.


Financial Report as of March 31, 2017

In a 7-0 vote, board members approved the year-to-date financial reports and investment reports as submitted by Tim Sherrod, chief financial officer.

Mr. Sherrod reported the revenue and expenditure position of the District through March 31, 2017, a seven-month period.

  • The District has collected 68.40 percent of projected revenues, slightly less than the 69.34 percent collected at this time last year.
  • The District has spent considerably more this year – 56.53 percent of the budget – compared to this time last year at 43.25 percent.
  • General Fund revenues were higher this year at 70.05 percent, compared to last year’s 68.42 percent. Expenditures were higher this year at 56.78 percent compared to last year’s 52.71 percent.
  • The Food Service Fund revenues were slightly lower this year at 66.37 percent compared to 67.95 percent last year. Expenditures were slightly higher this year at 56.81 percent compared to 55.71 percent last year.
  • The Debt Service Fund revenues are higher this year at 99.16 percent this year compared to 93.12 percent last year. Expenditures are higher this year at 78.39 percent compared to 77.11 percent last year.


Depository Services

Board members awarded the District’s Depository Services to American National Bank after faxing a request for proposal to nine local financial institutions and evaluating the two responses.


The contract will begin Sept. 1, 2017 and last two years. It will end Aug. 31, 2019, although the contract may be extended for two additional years in accordance with the Education Code, Section 45.205.


Board member Bill Franklin, a local banker, abstained from discussion and the vote. In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the recommendation.


Applicant Pool

Cyndy Kohl, director of human resources, asked that board members approve the applicant pool of 12 new teachers with a total of 100 years of teaching experience.


Board members were also asked to approve three contract changes.


Board members approved the proposed applicant pool as submitted in a 6-0 vote. Board member Bill Franklin abstained from discussion and vote on this matter.


2016-2017 TPRI Report

The 2016-2017 Kindergarten Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) Report, presented by Pre-K to K Curriculum Specialist Beth Maywald, gave board members a look at the stages of early literacy and the results of the District’s emphasis on early literacy.


The TPRI is not a pass/fail instrument but instead reflects the developmental stages of the District’s young readers.


This year for the first time, the TPRI was used only at the kindergarten level; students in 1st and 2nd grades were tested on the computer through istation, she said.


The Kindergarten TPRI tests students at the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year, then assesses student progress.


This year, the TPRI Kindergarten Screener showed that 56 percent of students coming into kindergarten were proficient at grade level, a credit to Head Start, pre-K and hard-working parents who work with their children at home, said Mrs. Maywald.


By year’s end, 80 percent of the children were proficient, a leap of 24 percent, similar to last year.


She showed board members a chart from the testing at the beginning of the year, full of categories marked in pink and yellow, showing many areas where children were still developing in reading skills. Then she showed the same chart at the end of the year, where only one small column reflected children who still needed development. “You can see what’s being accomplished!” said Mrs. Maywald.


From the beginning of the year to year’s end, kindergarteners grew in listening comprehension skills (56% up to 84%). First graders improved in alphabetic decoding (42% to 52 %), comprehension (48% to 57%), and spelling (38% to 47%).


However, board member Elizabeth Yeager flagged the 1st-graders’ reported decrease in vocabulary skills.


Mrs. Maywald and Misti Spear, director of elementary curriculum, speculated that the decrease may be due to the harder end-of-year test, and the fact the testing was done for the first time on the computer. Students may not have tried as hard, they said.


Ms. Yeager also asked if the data were skewed by any one particular campus. Ms. Spear said that one school did skew the results in one area, and she would follow up to see how it affected the rest of the data.


Superintendent Mike Kuhrt said the statistic that most concerned him showed 37 percent of 2nd graders still below the proficient reading level. There are all sorts of reasons why a 1st grader may not be reading on grade level, he said. But by 2nd grade, much of that should be figured out. “By 2nd grade, we want to see a number higher than 63 percent (of students at a proficient reading level),” he said. “We have to do better than that.”