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Both WFISD's 2018 Elementary, Secondary 'Teachers of the Year' Win Regional Titles

Both WFISD’s 2018 Elementary, Secondary ‘Teachers of the Year’ Win Regional Titles

Lexi Law, Heather Preston step up to regional ‘2019 Teacher of the Year’ titles


Heather and Lexi

Region 9's two new regional Teachers of the Year show off their plaques after the August 1 luncheon. From left: 2019 Regional Secondary Teacher of the Year Heather Preston and winning 2019 Regional Elementary Teacher of the Year Lexi Law. 



The Wichita Falls ISD swept the Region 9 Teacher of the Year contest, with both its elementary and secondary “2018 Teacher of the Year” winners becoming regional favorites, too.


Region 9 named Lexi Law, WFISD 2018 Elementary Teacher of the Year, as its Region 9 2019 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Region 9 also claimed Heather Preston, WFISD 2018 Secondary Teacher of the Year, as its Region 9 2019 Secondary Teacher of the Year.


Region 9 announced the wins at a luncheon Tuesday, August 1. The two WFISD candidates competed against teachers from Graham, Belleview and Burkburnett ISDs.


“I was really in shock,” said Mrs. Law as the good news was settling in. “I was very humbled even to be standing next to the other nominees. They were remarkable.”


Mrs. Law is notorious for the enthusiasm she brings to her Ben Franklin Elementary science classroom. With her creative science lessons, she consistently demonstrates a willingness to do whatever it takes to help students learn.


Mrs. Preston also registered surprise at taking the regional title. “I was honestly just overwhelmed,” she said.


Mrs. Preston intentionally creates a classroom where her Rider High School English students can pursue their passions and take ownership of their own learning. Her AP English 4 classrooms are consistently applauded for their student focus.


"WFISD is extremely proud of Mrs. Law and Mrs. Preston," said Ashley Thomas, WFISD communications officer. "They have been fantastic district representatives, and I know they will continue to be great representatives for our region and our state."



Both winners will travel to Austin on September 14 to be recognized as regional winners.


Then they will begin the process of competing for the state title.


WFISD leaders are familiar with this process, since two of its former teachers – high school teacher Sherry Lindemann and elementary teacher Donna Patrick – succeeded in winning regional titles and then claiming the top state title in 2004 and 2009, respectively.


The Texas Association of School Administrators will announce finalists for the state competition during the week of August 6, according to a Region 9 press release.