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WFISD Parents/Volunteers/Mentors

WFISD Parents/Volunteers/Mentors- please follow the following instructions regarding your 2018-2019 WFISD background screening.


1)      If you no longer need to be in the WFISD volunteer database then please click on this link to sign in and deactivate your account.


2)      If you still need to remain in the system but your child will be changing schools, then please click on this link to log into your account and update/change/add/remove campuses from your application.


3)      All of your information is correct and nothing needs to be changed then nothing else needs to be done.  Your annual background check will be run tomorrow (8/15/18) for the 2018-2019 school year.


Please refrain from submitting duplicate applications as it will tie up your application and place it into a pending status, which delay your ability to enter the campus.