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Class Reminders CLASS CODE Sign up based on 1st letter of last name  
Class of 2021 a-d @roho2021a All Seniors a-d  
Class of 2021 e-j @roho2021e All Seniors e-j  
Class of 2021 k-p @roho2021k All Seniors k-p  
Class of 2021 r-z @roho2021r All Seniors r-z  
Class of 2022 a-d @roho2022a All Juniors a-d  
Class of 2022 e-j @roho2022e All Juniors e-j  
Class of 2022 k-p @roho2022k All Juniors k-p  
Class of 2022 r-z @roho2022r All Juniors r-z  
Class of 2023 a-d @roho2023a All Sophomores a-d  
Class of 2023 e-j @roho2023e All Sophomores e-j  
Class of 2023 k-p @roho2023k All Sophomores k-p  
Class of 2023 r-z @roho2023r All Sophomores r-z  
Class of 2024 a-d @roho2024a All Freshmen a-d  
Class of 2024 e-j @roho2024e All Freshmen e-j  
Class of 2024 k-p @roho2024k All Freshmen k-p  
Class of 2024 r-z @roho2024r All Freshmen r-z  
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Organization CODE Who should sign up or contact?  
Student Council @rohostuco Open to all students.  
Student Council Officers @leadstuco Student Council Elected officers  
Rider Academic Team @rhsaca see Ms.Cahanin in room 259  
Rider Drama Club @rohodc see Ms.Cahanin in room 259  
Rider Ultimate Frisbee Club @ultimate7 see Mr. Henderson in room 220  
Rider Nerd Club @rohonerd see Mr. Henderson in room 220 or Mrs. Perry in room 257  
NHS officers @rohohonor NHS elected officers  
Rider Library Updates @roholib Sign up for library info & updates  
Rider Band Twitter @riderband See Mr. Studer in the Band Hall  
Rider Yearbook, newspaper, @rideryrbk
See Mr. Duncan in room 247  
Wichita Falls FFA @wffa1972 All students enrolled in an agricultural class  
TAME--Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering @RiderTAME ALL students are welcome.  
HOSA--Health Occupation Students of America @riderhosa Open to students interested in Health Careers  
Rider JROTC @rohojrotc See Major Smith -- Open to all Rider JROTC students  
Rider Swim Team
WFISD Swim Team
Rider Swimmers
All WFISD Swimmers
Rider Varsity Choirs (Students) @rcvar2019 Varsity Women’s Choir & ACAP Students  
Rider UniVersity Choirs (Students) @rcnv2019 NV Women’s Choir & Men’s Choir Students  
Rider Choir Parents @rcp2019 Rider Choir Parents  
Rider Esports Club @rohoesport See Mr. Preston in room 205 or Mrs. Preston in room 237