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Printing Contract Numbers Eagerly Anticipated for Budget

Printing Contract Numbers Eagerly Anticipated for Budget

2019-2020 Budget process includes collaboration among educators and special requests from board members



Despite the heavy use of Chromebooks throughout the District now, WFISD budget for printing currently runs $25,000 per month. WFISD is in the process of negotiating a new five-year printing contract.


The process of making a school budget stretches over many months and involves meticulous planning and collaboration with principals, program leaders and department heads.

And that’s before the budget makes its way to board members.

When Chief Financial Officer Tim Sherrod presented his detailed budget calendar to WFISD’s six of the seven board members in Tuesday’s Special Session, they asked for certain bits of additional information to help them understand the broad scope of the budget’s mission.

As board member Katherine McGregor clarified, the budget consists of 82 percent of money that covers payroll – a fixed expense, unless legislative actions raise teacher pay and prompt a hike in this percentage.

Mrs. McGregor asked to see more information on “what the 18 percent is allocated to.” As a new board member, she said, “I don’t know what I don’t know.”

Board President Elizabeth Yeager asked for more information on key variances from the previous year.

Board member Bob Payton requested more information on costs related to middle school counselors. “I’d like to know where we are holistically and how we staff at different levels. Kids are fragile at that stage. Are we doing enough?” He also asked for more information on travel costs associated with professional development for staff members. “I’d like to understand where we are with that,” he said.

For Mr. Sherrod’s part, he said he is eagerly anticipating numbers associated with the District’s printing contract. WFISD spends $25,000 monthly on printing, not including paper or the work of the District’s Print Shop.

WFISD’s five-year printing contract is coming up for renewal and is being shopped using a co-op buy board called TIPS.

The expense comes despite the District’s shift to heavy use of Chromebooks in the past five years, which one would expect to lessen the need for paper.

So far, digital devices have not decreased printing expenses, said Superintendent Mike Kuhrt.

“It’s a culture and instructional shift you have to make,” he said. Some teachers and some schools do a better job than others.

Increased pressure for performance among certain populations of students seems to demand more paper, he said. “It’s a migration issue,” he said. “Some have gone completely paperless. Others have not.”

Campus staff have not been given any specific directives regarding their printing, he said, since “tech for us is fairly new.”

But whatever the number for the District’s new print contract, it is expected to be significant. “That’s the reason Tim is waiting on that number,” said Mr. Kuhrt.


Budget amendments approved

In a 6-0 vote, board members approved the February 2019 budget amendments and revisions. There were 49 ranging in cost from $108 for a Fain Elementary field trip to $90,286 for 40 HVAC air conditioning units for McNiel Middle School.


Policy Updates

Debby Patterson, executive director of school administration, explained the routine of policy updates to board members. This year, she put before them Update 112, which focuses primarily on amendments to the Administrative Code resulting from administrative and educational rulings passed during the 85th Legislative Session.

Board members will vote Monday to sync WFISD policies with recommendations from TASB, the Texas Association of School Boards, on the following topics:

  • District acceptance of electronic signatures
  • Procurement requirements for federal awards
  • Term contract entitlement
  • False claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation
  • Standards for advertisements
  • Grievance procedures for when a district refuses entry to or ejects a person from district property


Financial Report as of January 31, 2019

Mr. Sherrod reported to board members on the revenue and expenditure position of the District through January 31, 2019 for all funds. His financial reports represented four months of operations, 41.67 percent of the fiscal year. As of January last year, the District collected 61.36 percent of projected  revenues, as compared to 57.93 percent for 2018-2019. Expenditures for 2018-2019 were 43.79 percent of budget, compared to 46.05 percent for 2017-2018.

For the General Fund, revenues were 61.68 percent last year, compared to 59.83 percent this year. Expenditures were 41.97 percent last year, compared to 40.48 percent this year.

For the Food Service Fund, revenues were 38.86 percent last year, compared to 48.53 percent this year. Expenditures were 50.06 percent last year, compared to 47.68 percent this year.

For the Debt Service Fund, revenues were 77.41 percent last year compared to 74.59 percent this year. Expenditures were 79.01 percent last year compared to 80.31 percent this year.


Personnel Report

Cyndy Kohl, director of Human Resources, reported six professional retirements, 20 professional resignations, and 4 clerical/support resignations. At her recommendation, board members approved the hiring of three teachers and a campus coordinator/head football coach for Hirschi High School to replace Danny Youngs.

The new Hirschi head football coach is Antonio Wiley from Lewisville ISD.