A New Logo

A New Logo

It’s still round; it still features a torch, but WFISD’s bold new logo better reflects the district’s bold new paths



You’ve seen the old WFISD logo for decades -- an ombre blue circle, accented with a yellow torch and wreath. Its familiar crest has marked all district communications and materials for as long as anyone can remember.


By today's standards, its formality was an emblem of an era gone by. Communications Officer Ashley Thomas knew it wasn’t the best representation of the district. But what would be better?


Today she has an exciting new answer. WFISD's new, board-approved district logo debuted quietly in June. Its bold navy arc encircles “WFISD” and its blue torch with yellow flame. “Wichita Falls” is written across the top of the navy circle.


You’ll begin to see it on district vehicles, communications, and materials. We asked Ms. Thomas about the new look.



Q: Why did WFISD need a new logo?


A: When I began working for the district in October 2014, one of my goals was to “reinvent” the district and create a more unified brand between the district and campuses. Many campuses had already developed new, more modern logos. I felt like it was time for the district to do the same.


I began trying to find out when the old logo was adopted. I was unable to find a specific date. From what I gathered, the logo we were using is the only logo the district has ever used. After speaking with the superintendent and board members, we agreed it was time to change it up a little bit. We went back and forth for many months before deciding on the one we are using now.


Q: How does the new logo better reflect the district?

A: It’s more modern and visually appealing than the previous logo. While I am a big fan of tradition, I also think it is important to change with the times to properly relate with today’s students, teachers, parents and community members.


Q: Is there any symbolism designed into it?

A: As I said, I do appreciate the tradition in our district. I did think it was important to carry some aspects of the former logo forward. We kept the torch symbol. We also kept the logo round. We are developing campus logos that are also round so it all works well together.


We also tried to incorporate at least one color from each of the three high schools. I felt this was important to create unity among the schools. I wanted everything to tie together because we are a team. Our “brand” should be cohesive.


Q: What do you like about it?

A: I really like the simplicity of it and the colors. You can tell at first glance what it represents. In my opinion, it has a warmer feel than the former logo. I also think it is more in line with the look of other district logos across the state.


Q: How will WFISD transition from the old logo to the new logo?

A: We have already begun transitioning, but it will take some time. Our print shop has the new logo and has started replacing the logo on all of our electronic files. We changed the colors and design of our district website to reflect the new logo. We will develop new marketing materials to tie it all together.


I have been prioritizing needs and looking at the most efficient way to make other changes when they are cost effective.