An Easy Way to Help Us

An Easy Way to Help Us provides a simple way to help classrooms now



When Zundy Elementary teacher Miranda Schroeder decided she needed new flexible classroom seating, she wrote up a request and posted it on a special website that caters to teachers’ needs.


So far, 10 people have donated toward her goal of $1,348. The site lists how many students will benefit (110), how much more money is still needed ($716), how often this teacher has made a request (this is her first), and the funding deadline (Oct. 14, 2016).


Her request is one of 12 WFISD projects listed on the popular website. Each one represents one teacher’s specific need that she might otherwise have to fund herself.


This might be the perfect way for you to kick off the new school year: Fund a school project that interests you. makes it easy for any parent, grandparent or community member to help the public schools by funding specific projects.


Here’s how it works: A teacher posts a specific need in her classroom, along with its cost, at the website.


A potential donor visits She types “Wichita Falls” in the search bar. She scans the list of schools and their needs. She pinpoints a project that appeals to her. Donating is as easy as hitting “Give” and providing her credit card information.


For years, the website has been a trusted way to help busy teachers provide their classrooms with special equipment and materials that their school budgets can’t cover.


A way to kick off the school year

At Cunningham Elementary, Mrs. Buckley asked for stand-up desks. She’s received eight donations so far, but $1,214 is still needed. “My students need stand-up desks to meet their gross motor needs. They need the opportunity to get out of their chairs to stay on task and learn more,” she writes.


Right now, 12 classroom needs in Wichita Falls ISD schools are posted at by teachers and await funding by specific deadlines. If the projects aren’t fully funded by the cut-off date, then all posted donations lapse.


Many WFISD classrooms have benefitted from donor generosity. When Rider teacher Stacie Martin posted a request for a chemistry course on, the local Burlington retailer fully funded it one week later – part of $11,000 in projects funded for both Wichita Falls and City View ISDs.


Other needs

Current needs posted as of this writing:

  • Fain Elementary: flexible seating, $1,265 still needed
  • Southern Hills Elementary: iPad headphones, $162 still needed
  • Burgess Elementary: 4 wobble chairs, $295 still needed
  • Lamar Elementary: flexible seating, $844 still needed
  • Fowler Elementary: comfortable seating, $296 still needed
  • Kate Haynes Elementary (Haynes Northwest Academy): 3 iPads, $910 still needed
  • McNiel Middle School: Scholastic News and Storyworks magazine subscriptions, $187 still needed
  • Franklin Elementary: mini iPad tablets for music room, $1,324
  • McNiel Middle School: class set of headphones, $752 still needed


A trusted site since 2000

The website began when a Bronx public high school teacher named Charles Best wanted his students to read “Little House on the Prairie.”


While he was making photocopies of the one copy of the book he could locate, it occurred to him that fellow teachers were also spending money on books, art supplies and other materials. There must be people in the community who would like to help with such needs, he figured, if only they knew about them and could see directly where their money was going.


He designed a website where teachers could post classroom project requests, and donors could choose to fund the ones they liked. His colleagues posted the first 11 requests.


The rest is history. Today, a teacher from any public school in America can post a need at for funding. So far, 2.1 million people have supported It has funded 747,331 projects and raised $18.7 million for students.


You will be able to see exactly what your donation will cover, right down to the sales tax and and processing fees.


Jefferson Elementary tried it and liked it

Last year when Jefferson Elementary teachers wanted to transform the school with cushioned seating, several teachers posted requests to


By the end of the year, 10 Jefferson classrooms were furnished with comfortable seating from nearly $9,000 in donor gifts to the school.


Community: This is for you

The site was developed with community members in mind as a way to connect the public to its public schools.


“Our mission: We make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need,” says the DonorsChoose website, “moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.”