Twenty-three WFISD Schools Rated "Met Standard"

Twenty-three WFISD Schools Rated “Met Standard”

Burgess Elementary emerges from Improvement Required status; four remain




This year, 23 WFISD schools delivered the academic performance in all subjects and subgroups asked for by the state and were rated “Met Standard.”


The state also designated four WFISD schools as “Improvement Required,” and they are now operating with carefully crafted remediation plans. The two schools that are new to the IR classification: Franklin Elementary and Hirschi High School. Two other schools remain on the list from previous years: Kirby Middle School (which is in Year 2 of IR) and Booker T. Washington Elementary, which is in Year 3.


The best news of all: Burgess Elementary emerged from its “Improvement Required” status. The school’s performance on STAAR tests caused the state to rank them “Met Standard” this year.


Ratings assess a school in four areas: student achievement, student progress, closing performance gaps and postsecondary readiness. To meet a standard, a school must meet the state’s target for either student achievement or student progress, plus meet targets in the “gaps” and “readiness” categories.