Businesses: Now's Your Chance!

Businesses: Now’s Your Chance

Get your foot in the door at the Career Education Center with three-year sponsorships


Now there’s a way to link your business’ name and influence with the cutting-edge educational programs at the Career Education Center.


The CEC is now asking businesses to sponsor one or more of its 46 programs, classrooms or labs, creating a three-year partnership between the two. Sponsorships are available at three price points: $4,500, $5,000, and $6,000.


Sponsors receive a plaque posted at the door of the sponsored program with business logo and name. The easy-to-see plaque will be visible to all students and building visitors. Sponsors also receive a one-time use of the CEC’s flex-space meeting room for an event and a one-time use of the CEC conference room for a special meeting. The business will also receive a flower arrangement on Secretary’s Day from the CEC’s Floral Design class.


No more than two sponsors may sponsor each room.


Sponsorships span the breadth of CEC education offerings. From culinary to criminal justice to computer flex classrooms, a business can target a program that complements its own business focus.


Eighty percent of all sponsorship money received will directly support the associated program to buy needed equipment, underwrite student lab fees and certifications. Twenty percent of the sponsorship money will be funneled toward CEC facility events, equipment and other items for the facility, students and staff.


Below is the roster of sponsorships available:

$5,000 Single or Combined Sponsorship

Room 122 Culinary Classroom

Room 120 Animal Science Classroom

Room 113 AV Collaboration Room

Room 112 Mac Computer Lab

Room 109C Cosmetology Classroom

Room 131 Conference Room

Room 125 College and Career Room

Room 302 Flex Space

Room 300 Computer Classroom

Room 310 Construction Classroom

Room 313 Welding Classroom

Room 321 Computer Flex Classroom

Room 323 Agricultural Science Classroom

Room 326 Auto Collision Classroom

Room 328 Auto Tech Classroom

Room 209 Medical Classroom

Room 212 Medical Classroom

Room 213 Medical Classroom

Room 214 Engineering Classroom

Room 200 Criminal Justice Classroom

Room 215 Networking Classroom

Room 217 Computer Maintenance

Room 219 Education and Training

Room 222 Business/Marketing Classroom

Room 223 Floral Classroom

Room 228 Counseling and Mental health

Room 301 Plumbing


$6,000 Single or Combined Sponsorships

Room 123 Culinary Kitchen

Room 114 AV Studio

Room 109 Cosmetology Salon

Room 304 Architecture Lab

Room 303 Model Lab/Graphics Design Lab

Room 311 Construction Lab

Room 312 Welding Lab

Room 323 Electrical Lab

Room 324 AG Lab

Room 325 Collision Lab

Room 327 Auto Tech Lab

Room 310 Certified Nurse Aide Lab

Room 203 Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Room 208 Medical Microbiology Lab

Room 202 Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy/Sport Medicine Lab


$4,500 Sponsorships


Cosmetology Salon

The Bistro

Automotive Reception Area